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Who Was Kae Leader? Miss Sexy Died Committed Suicide Check Death Cause Instagram Age


Recently, a Billionaire from Thailand is remaining the hot discussion among everyone since her demise news is circulating all over the social networking sites. Yes, you heard right, a Thai Billionaire Kae Leader is no longer among her fans, as she committed suicide as it led to her death as well. As soon as the news is being surfaced on the social networking sites, massive reactions of the people are coming to the fore, as the way she ended up her life. Still, the case is being investigated by the concerned department to figure out the exact truth behind her suicide.

Who Was Kae Leader? Miss Sexy Died Committed Suicide Check Death Cause Instagram Age

According to the reports, on Sunday she took her last breath before committing suicide she was well known as miss sexy. She leaped over the terrace of her clinic construction and jumped off which led to her departure. As soon as the police department got the news, they reached the crime spot and brought her to the nearest hospital so that, the medical team could treat her and save her life. But unfortunately, she could not survive ahead as her body had surrounded by the lethal complication as severe injuries were spotted on her body.

Who Was Kae Leader?

Kae Leader was a Thailand Billionaire and Miss Sexy as well, along with having a doctor’s degree, and graduated from the Doctor of Cosmetology Program. Even she was running the large clinic as well even she was honored with the CEO Leader Award in 2018. She was not too old to die she was just a 30-years-old lady, at the time of injury heavy bleeding was spotted on the road where she fell down. As soon as she got admitted to the hospital and the medical team examined her, they pronounced her dead as her body was not responding well to the treatment.

The entire incident is recorded through the CCTV camera which was placed on the building where her clinic was placed. She has done many TV shows as well through which, she gained immense popularity as well. Since, the doctor’s team pronounced her dead, her close ones started paying tribute to her through social networking sites. Therefore the entire Twitter has been surrounded by heartfelt messages, because everyone is unleashing their deep feelings for her  and praying for her family as well, so we will pray may her soul rest in peace (RIP)

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