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Who Was Lee Roy Elizondo (VooDooTheMenace)? What Happened To Him Cause Of Death


Once again, TikTok is remaining the hot discussion among the people who use the app as their daily routine, but something heartbreaking is reported again. As one more TikToker or a popular face is lost his life which is a matter of great grief, the deceased identified as Lee Roy Elizondo aka VooDooTheMenace. He took his last breath at a very young age therefore, his close ones are going through great sorrow as they lost an integral part of their family. Even the entire TikTok community is mourning his sudden passing which pays tribute to him as well.

Lee Roy Elizondo death cause

According to the reports, Lee Roy Elizondo aka VooDooTheMenace lived his last moments at his residence on 28th December 2021, but still, the exact cause of his sudden passing is unknown as his family did not share even a single statement officially besides confirming his passing through social media. His best friend Joshua Watrous made a statement while creating the GoFundMe page, so that, people could donate some amount that will be proven beneficial for his family while organizing his funeral ceremony. Almost everyone is contributing their amount through the online method, and approximately enough money has been filled by the page.


30-years-old Lee Roy Elizondo aka VooDooTheMenace was a popular content creator and usually posted his videos on TikTok through which, he gained immense popularity. More than 84,000 people have followed him, and around 10,000  people have followed him on Instagram as well. Because he used many social media platforms, and was seen active while posting his content quite often. Besides this, he owned his merchandise store as well which is also very popular near the locality where he lived, but unfortunately, he is no more among his followers.

It is being reported that, he usually made the video on the comedy method, and his funny reactions are always proven as the attractive point in his video. Since his death was announced by Joshua, the latest clip of his content was getting viral and git thousands of likes because spontaneously, his demise news also popped out which made his admirers shocked enough. The whole TikTok community is paying tribute to their favorite one as another gem has left the world in such a strange manner. Hence, everyone is paying tribute to him through Twitter and giving their deepest condolence to the family(RIP).

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