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Who Was Lil Meri Bolena and Her Cause of Death? How Did She Die? Wiki Bio Age


We are saddened to report the unfortunate death of Lil Meri Bolena. The Bad company artist has passed away and has left a mourning world behind. Ever since the news came to the limelight, netizens are paying Lil Meri a heartfelt tribute on social media and are offering condolences to his family and friends. It has been coming forward that LilMeri appeared in an interview just a month ago. Now, the news has shaken the people who were associated with him and they are remembering him. Here’s everything we know about his death.

Lil Meri Bolena death

Amidst the condolences and tributes, netizens are also searching for Lil Meri cause of death. People are curious to know what happened to him that snatched his life so early. Well, what was his death cause has not been revealed yet. No one from Lil Meri’s family or friends has come forward and spoken about it yet. It is obvious that they are in deep pain and are still trying to accept the fact that their beloved one has departed the world at such a young age. They have not made any official post on social media yet.

Who is Lil Meri?

Lil Meri belonged to Northern South Africa and was the son of an Aristocrat. He was a renowned figure in the music industry and was appreciated by many for his skills and talent. Born in Dusty Ga-Motupa Village in 2000, Lil Meri rose to fame with his song titled “Ngwana Motho” which means “I am Also Someone’s Child”. The song made the artist a huge sensation in the Bolobedu music industry.

Lil Meri did not look back after getting popular and focused on delivering more hit songs to his fans. However, Lil Meri got into controversy soon after getting popular. The music artist shared a picture of him wearing the South African Defence Force uniform (SANDF) which took the internet by storm. He started getting criticized by netizens and was also reportedly taken into custody by the officers.

However, he was soon released to considering it was his first offence. Lil Meri went ahead to release another hit song named “Ba Retswarisa” which means “They got us arrested”. It was obvious that the singer was hinting towards his previous controversy. The song became a hit too. Lil Meri released others songs including Thipa (Knife), Melemo (Mouth) and others. Now, as per reports, this great personality has died.

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