Who Was Mieke Oort? Dutch Tinder Stalker Accused of Killing U.S. Student Images CCTV Video

In recent news, it is reported that a woman belonging to Massachusetts is stabbed to death by his stalker. The woman is identified as Mieke Oort. She is a 21-year-old student at NHL Student University of Applied Sciences. Her family stated that her jealous stalker, whom she met on Tinder, stabbed her to death. The news reportedly happened at weekend at her home in Leeuwarden which is around 90 minutes outside Amsterdam. Ever since the shocking news appeared on social media, it is gaining a lot of attention from the netizens.

Mieke Oort cause of death

Danique Oort stated that Mieke Oort was her baby sister. She said that the family does not know how to cope with the loss. Danique further said that she had just som much more to give and she had a lot of love for everyone. On another side, the suspect is identified as a 27-year-old Dutchman. Dutch authorities have identified him as Thomas R.

According to the reports, the man had been arrested by the cops after he fled to Germany. Reports claim that the man and the deceased student dated briefly and that the former was stalking her for some time. The former boyfriend of Mieke, Michael Van Der Waal, shared with the media that the suspect was tailing the latter for quite some time and added that they dated briefly in the past. Michael further said that he and Mieke were thinking about rekindling their relationship.

It is expected that the suspect might have gotten jealous after learning about it and it eventually led him to stab the young girl to death. It is being said that Thomas R. started following her soon after and harassed her via WhatsApp and even drove up and down her street. Oort’s sister said that they are devastated to learn about the news and are trying to process the whole situation. Talking about Mieke, she moved from Winchester, Massachusetts, a town about eight miles north of Boston, to the Netherlands, in 2020 to study.

The police were called to the apartment of the young girl on Sunday around 3:30 AM after someone reported a fire at the address. Undoubtedly, neither Mieke’s sister nor her parents, Celine and Micheal were prepared for her sudden funeral. The family of the student is grieving now. As per reports, Thomas R threw an incendiary device into the building that forced the residents to evacuate. During this, he stabbed Mieke Oort to death with a sharp object.

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