Who was Mordy Gelfand and what was his cause of death? Missing Person Dead Body Found

Who was Mordy Gelfand and what was his cause of death? Missing Person Dead Body Found: Several reports were revolving on the internet related to Michale Gelfand. Reports say Michale has been missing since January 5. In this gap, they don’t know where he is gone. Cops have already started their investigation but they didn’t find any clue related to Michale. Many were worried about him, especially his family. In this article, we have fetched all possible information and also give the latest update on his missing. So, stick with our guys and keep continue to read this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mordy Gelfand

Who was Mordy Gelfand?

Mordy Gelfand was commonly known as Micheal Gelfand has been missing for so many days. It was reported that he was traveling to New Orleans on January 5th for Business. But unfortunately for some reason, he was not coming back from the business trip. His family tried to contact him but their family didn’t get any response from him. However, the plane which he booked to return back to the home was also missing. Nobody knows where that plane disappeared. Investigators were finding out the exact reason. He was 33 years old which was not so old. 33 years old was considered to be young.

How did Mordy Gelfand die?

It’s hard to say that. Mostly, ninety percent of the people believe that he was officially dead. But investigators didn’t find his body and they will not confirm his passing statement until they found his body. The New Orleans Police Department has done its best to find Michael Gelfand and spread the news of Micheal on social media and on every news site. They are putting effort, time, and energy to search for him. But they didn’t get any clue about him. Hopefully, if the police department will get the news of him then we will inform you.

Mordy Gelfand Death Cause

Last time, he wears blue jeans, white sneakers, a white T-shirt, and a black hoodie with a baseball cap. He was 6 foot 2 inches tall and weigh around 200 pounds. Police have issued a poster which is circulated all over the internet. In the poster, they pasted the picture of him with a big bold name and his age. The poster says, Help Bring Michael Home. If anyone found him, then that person will get $10,000 cash as a reward. Also, they provide the information of him which says, He was last seen on January 6th at the intersection of Canal and Carondelet Street.


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