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Who Was Pankhuri Shrivastava? Entrepreneur Dies At 31 Cause Of Death Bio Family


Recently, a piece of quite shocking news is coming in front of the people from the world of an entrepreneur, which made everyone shocked because a popular entrepreneur or the founder of Sequoia Capital-Backed women-centric Pankhuri Shrivastava is no more as her departure took place at the age of 32 on 24th December 2021. Everyone is mourning her death while giving their deepest condolences along with paying tribute to her because no one even thought that she could be left the world in such a manner. Her colleagues and close ones are expressing their deepest feelings towards the deceased.

Who Was Pankhuri Shrivastava? Entrepreneur Dies At 31 Cause Of Death Bio Family

According to the reports or sources, entrepreneur Pankhuri Srivastav was suffering from fatal health complications and was being treated by the medical staff. But still, no statement has been made from her family side, which could indicate that she has passed away due to this reason. But Besides this, her death news has been confirmed because of which, everyone is unleashing their deepest feelings to her while praying for her family as well so that, they could not be affected more from the tragedy. She was one of the most popular names in the world of an entrepreneur, but unfortunately, she is no longer.

Who Was Pankhuri Shrivastava?

It is being reported, that she was just 32-years-old and well popular for her social services, she got fame in 2019 as she started up her business. More than $ 3.2 million dollars she had earned through her project which she started up in 2019. A few years back she has established a rental start-up again Grabhouse, and around $10 million funding was leading the project. At just a very small age she had gained massive popularity, as an entrepreneur but unfortunately, she is no longer among her followers, which is a matter of great sadness.

When it comes to her alma mater, sho she had completed her studies in the Computer Science Engineering stream and was graduated from GRTU University from Bhopal. Since childhood, she was passionate about business and hence she decided to chase her passion to become a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur and she git success as well.  But unfortunately, her departure occurred recently which left everyone shocked, therefore, everyone is sharing their deep feelings to her while paying tribute so that, her soul gets to rest in peace. As it is a huge loss in the entrepreneur world, so when something will arrive again we will update you.

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