Who was Rapper MC Tod Fod aka Dharmesh Parmar and what was his death reason?

Who was Rapper MC Tod Fod aka Dharmesh Parmar and what was his death reason?: Mc Todfod wh is also known as Dharmesh Parmar, is passed away and is no more in this world. Many of his employees are paying tribute to him by taking over Twitter. He s a well-known hip-hop star and was based in Mumbai and was an unwavering provocative demanded is made his fans left in grief. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Mc Todfod Death

Rapper MC Tod Fod aka Dharmesh Parmar Death

The death news of Mumbai’s multilingual hip-hop star has been confirmed by Swadesi’s label Azadi Records and management company 4/4 Entertainment. They are in huge grief after losing him. The group is showing condolences to his family and friends. Swadeshi is a group that came into the limelight from the year 2013, Tod Fod gave a strong face with MC Mawali, the producer include NaaR and Raakshas along with the members such as firepower rapper 100 RHB and Maharya.

Who was Rapper MC Tod Fod?

He was among the popular and well-known hip-hop artists of the country. His most popular poetry is made him become into the limelight, ‘The Warli Revolt” in 2019, he has been cemented his place as a voice who had been quarreled for the environmental and human rights against corrupt institutions as he called it.

A group Released their 2020 album which is titled Chetavni, in this, they focus by raising their voice against corporations, societal ills, and politics. In one of its songs they featured the Delhi Sultanate and the name of this song is “Kranti Havi”. He has given his poetry or verses for  “Prerna ke roop mey shuru hoti kranti/Ek jaisi soch badlaav hai maangti” (Revolution starts in the form of inspiration/like how a thought demands change).

His recent single is “Truth & Bass,” produced by DJ Chromaderma and featuring rapper MC Solomon, was released on March 8th.

Rapper MC Tod Fod Death Reason

His death reason doesn’t revel on any of the platforms or sites, hence many of you must be keen to grab it but you must have kept some patience until there are no more details about him.

Here is a tribute paid to him by Prabh Deep it reads, “Rest in power brother man. See you on the other side. I recall encountering you on shows and always being amazed by your voice. This was unfair.”

The Mumbai multilingual hip-hop artist is no more in this world, our deepest and heartfelt condolence are with him and his family.


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