Who Was Rayan Oram? Morocco Boy, Found Dead At Bottom Of Well Check Rescue Video

A devastating piece of news is coming to the front. A five-year-old boy named Rayan Oram who had fallen down the well on Tuesday afternoon, February 1, 2022, has died. The ordeal of the little child had sparked an outpouring of sympathy and global attention. #SaveRayan has been trending on social media platforms for days where netizens were praying for Morocco child well-being. Unfortunately, it is coming forward that Rayan is found dead at the bottom of the well. The news has brought a wave of sadness among his family and the citizens as well.

Rayan Oram

A royal announcement shared the saddening news of the child’s death after he was removed from the wall. The statement called the 5-year-old a tragic accident where it was added that his Majesty King Mohammed VI called the parents of the boy who died after falling down the well. Ever since netizens are offering condolences to his family and close relatives and are expressing their sadness on the same.

French President Emmanuel Macron took to Facebook to post that he wants to tell the family of little Rayan and all the Moroccan people that he shares their pain. The young boy’s father said that when the accident took place on Tuesday, he was repairing the wall. He added that the moment he took his eyes off him, he had fallen down the shaft and sadly said that he has not slept a wink since then.

As the incident was reported, the rescue team which is led by Morocco’s Civil Protection Directorate, arrived in the small northern town of Tamorot. The area is 62 miles away from the city of Chefchaouen. On Tuesday, the rescue operation started. It went for five days straight but unfortunately, the boy could not be saved. On Thursday, the footage was shown where a camera was lowered into the well that showed that Rayan was conscious and alive. However, since then, there was no update on his condition.

It was also reported that the rescuers managed to get food, oxygen, and water to the boy but it is not clear if he even used them or not. Bulldozers also reached the scene which was used to cut a massive trough next to the wall. Besides, rescuers even tried digging horizontally so that they reach the boy. It was also made sure that no soul enters the well. Little Rayan’s death has shaken up everyone to the core.

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