Who was Sergei Sukharev and how did he die? Top Russian Commander Killed in Ukraine

Who was Sergei Sukharev and how did he die? Top Russian Commander Killed in Ukraine – Age, Instagram, Wife, Kids, Net Worth: This is not more important than who won the battle but the consequences of wor have to face by both sides. It has been more than 3 weeks since the Russian and Ukraine war. Thousand of people have been died because of the war. Numerous families have been destroyed the cause of the war, and there is no way looking right now that ends the war. Not only volunteers are dying in the war but everyone who is present in Ukraine now has to face the consequences of battle. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Colonel Sergei Sukharev

How did Sergei Sukharev die?

Every day many people are dying in war. Most of the time the Ukrainian soldiers are dying. But it is not a game, which country is losing fewer citizens and which is losing more. These are questions for human life, which goes once then never comes back. Many children are going orphans every day. Many families are broken every day from both sides. Today a piece of news comes that Col Sergei Sukharev, Kostroma Airborne Regiment’s commander has been killed in the war. He was a Russian Army soldier. This news has been confirmed by the Ukrainian forces and the state TV confirmed his death alongside the deputy demised.

Who was Col Sergei Sukharev?

He was known as the top Russian paratroop commander and also called the mastermind behind the attack in Ukraine. But moreover, the Strategic communication and information security claimed previously that for his liquidation. He was the 331st Parachute Assualt Regiment of the Kostroma Guards. He was killed in Russia. Ukrainian war. As per the news, he was killed by the Ukrainian troops. He was killed when he was doing an invasion in Ukraine. Before the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Segal was known for his fight in the country in 2014. This is not the first time that Sergal fought against Ukraine. He also fights against Ukraine in the 2014 war.

He has no biography on the internet, so we are able to write more about his personal life. He was called the mastermind of the war between Russia and Ukraine. This is the first time when any Russian soldier’s death news has come now. He was a soldier who gave his life to his nation. On 16 of march news of Ukrainian death has come. She was very popular in Ukraine. Oksana Shvets was a Ukrainian actress, born in 1955. She was one of the greatest Ukrainian artists and was also awarded the highest artistic achievement “Ukrainian Honorary Artist” Award.


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