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Who Was Sindhutai Sapkal? ‘Mother Of Orphans’ Dies At 73 Biography Cause Of Death


Recently, a piece of quite heartbreaking news is reported from Maharashtra which make million of hearts shattered enough as no one ever supposed that one day their face will hit by such saddened news. Yes, you heard right, the “Mother of Orphans” & Padma Shri Sindhutai Sapkal is no more as her departure took place at the age of 72 on 4th January 2022 due to cardiac arrest/ heart attack. Everyone is mourning her sudden passing as her golden words are written on everyone’s heart this is the reason, her loss is the most painful thing for her admirers, who always appreciate her social works.

Who Was Sindhutai Sapkal? 'Mother Of Orphans' Dies At 73 Biography Cause Of Death

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Sidhutai was battling lethal health complications for a long because of which, she was going through many ups and downs. But when her health took the worst face on Sunday her close ones made her admitted to the nearest hospital so that, the medical team could make her life safe through the treatment and she could survive ahead too. But unfortunately, her departure took place and left everyone in deep shock along with the entire doctor’s team who were treating her, but her deteriorated health led to her unpredicted demise.

Who Was Sindhutai Sapkal?

73-years-old Sindhutai Sapkal was an Indian social worker who has done plenty of phenomenal work during her journey to help poor and needy people along with an orphan child. She was also honored by the Padma Shri award by the Rashtrapati Ji, for her commendable works. She was born on 14th November 1948 in Wardhan Central Provinces and Berar, Dominion of India (Maharashtra), and her unfortunate passing took place in Maharashtra’s Pune. She had begun her journey from the age of 12 and her life was not too easy as she faced many worst steps in her life, till become a prestigious one.

It is being reported, that lately she had undergone a hernia surgery as well and since then her recovery rate was slow enough, and this could also count as the major reason behind her passing. Even the entire India is mourning her demise because she was the one who was connected with each Indian by heart, and therefore, everyone is paying tribute to other including our ministers and everyone, because once again India has lost a gem which is a matter of great sorrow and sadness. So we will also pray may her soul rest in peace in heaven (RIP).

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