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Who was Stanley Russell? Shot dead by police in Seven Hills


Who was Stanley Russell? Shot dead by police in Seven Hills: A tragic incident has been reported which took the life of a person. As per the report, after an altercation, resident Stanley Russell was shot to his demise by New South Wales Police force in North-West Sydney Suburbs. The NSW cops were in the Bulah Way Seven Hills area in search of a wanted person. Julie Boon Rusell, Interim Assistant Commissioner said that Rusell was armed with an axe and a knife. When the armed man approached the cops, the confrontation got dirty and physical. The witnesses explained that the police fired three bullets and Rusell collapsed to the ground. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Stanley Russell

Who was Stanley Russell?

This Tuesday morning, 09th November 2021. Stanley Rusell has been identified as the man assassinated in a police shooting in Seven Hills. He reportedly confronted on-duty police officers with an axe and knife. After Rusell was shot, the cops conducted CPR on him until the medical staff arrived, but it was too late for him by then.

The dreadful event has happened in Bulah Way in Seven Hills, where Rusell was living with his aunt. It is reported that he was an aboriginal man. He belonged to the Gomeroi People and was a traditional resident of Walgett, NSW. His childhood was miserable as he was raped by two men when he was a child but did not unveil it to anyone for many years. It affected him negatively in life, and he faced prison time on charges of domestic violence offences.

Stanley Russell

Stanley Russell Age and Family Details

The mother of Rusell is Helen Russell. Hellen informed the media that she last talk to her son on Monday, 8th November 2021. The brother of Rusell, Edward has passed away in prison in the year 1999. Rusell had a partner and 6 children. Though, as per Hellen, he had left them with her and lived with his aunt in Seven Hills. The mother of the deceased informed The New Zealand Herald that she was upset and did not know what to do about the death of her son.

Stanley Russell

The family of Rusell expressed that they were heartbroken by his demise. The members explained him as a good person. Previously, his house got burned down in Walgett, but the cops allegedly attempted to hold him accountable for the damage. His aunt, who was upstairs at the time of the shootout, heard gunshots and instantly called Hellen. After the shootout, the state crime command’s homicide squad was sent off to investigate the incident. The case will be reviewed by NSW’ Professional Standards Command (PSC).

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