Who Was The Man Dies in NYC Subway Station After Allegedly Trying to Jump Turnstile: Video

A shocking piece of news is being reported about a man who died after he attempted to jump a turnstile. The incident happened on Sunday, January 2, 2021, in the morning. While he was trying to hop the barrier, he fell on the ground which resulted in his spot death. The news has been shared by a reliable source from law enforcement and has gotten spread on the internet. Netizens are discussing the unfortunate incident and have started a debate on the same too. Some people still seem to be unaware of the matter. Check details here.

Man Dies in NYC Subway Station

As per the reports, the 28-year-old man was found unconscious on the ground while he allegedly jumped the entrance barrier. Officers stated that the incident was reported at 6:45 AM at Forest Hills-71st Avenue Station. However, the man has not been identified by the officials yet as they are still trying to find out about him. Talking about the shocking incident, the man, whose name is unknown yet, came to the turnstile and then tried hopping over it.

It seems that he had thought that he would easily escape it. However, destiny has planned something else for him. As the cameras are placed everywhere in the station, the incident got captured. The video shows the man trying to jump the barrier when he fell to the ground. The jump caused him severe injuries which included his head getting broken. According to the cops, the man broke his head as he landed on the cement floor of the station.

Sources also confirmed the incident and stated that he crashed down on his head and by the time he was discovered by the police, he had died. Police confirmed the unidentified man passing in the sad incident. For some unknown reason, the deceased man identity has not been released yet. Some sources are claiming that the investigation might be underway and the cops wouldn’t have found about his personal details yet. According to the reports, the man was pronounced dead on the scene.

The man reportedly jumped the NYC subway turnstile and broke his neck afterwards. It is really saddening to see people not thinking about consequences when attempting something risky. If only they start prioritizing their lives, such incidents would witness a downfall. Besides, the new year has only started and these types of incidents are already being reported. Let’s hope that the year goes by well.

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