Who was Torbaaz Director Girish Malik Son Mannan and why did he committed suicide? last note explained

Who was Torbaaz Director Girish Malik Son Mannan and why did he commited suicide? last note explained: On social media, news channels, and many other websites. It was revolving that Torbaaz director Girish Malik’s son has died. The reason of died because of suicide. Last night, he was full of drunkenness and can’t control his emotions. He drank too much. His father says enough is enough. You have drunk too much. But his son didn’t listen to him and unfortunately, he was fallen from the 5th floor of his building. At that time, he was out of his mind, whatever comes into his way, he just blow it. He can’t even see things clearly. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Torbaaz Director Girish Malik Son Mannan

Who was Torbaaz Director Girish Malik Son Mannan?

It was sad for a filmmaker who lost his son at such a young age. The whole incident happened on the eve of Holi on March 18. His son’s name is Mannan. It was earlier reported that Manna fell from the 5th floor of his building in Mumbai and was rushed to the hospital. But unfortunately, doctors couldn’t save him and he died. Mannan died because of his own mistakes. First of all, his father tells him to stop drinking but he didn’t listen to him. Second, he was walking on the building which was too high. Third and the most important was he was fully drunk and doing some nasty things.

Torbaaz Director Girish Malik Son Mannan Death By Suicide

Director Girish Malik produced and directed many films like Sanjay Dutt’s Torbaaaz Mann Vs Khan, Jal, and so on. In the film industry, Girish Malik has done some great work that no one has done till today. His Girish’s son Mannan came back home in the afternoon after playing Holi. Later, he fell from the fifth floor of his building located in Oberoi Springs, Mumbai. Mannan was rushed to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital but he didn’t survive.

Torbaaz Director Girish Malik Son Mannan Suicide Reason

It was now been officially confirmed that Girish Malik’s son jumped from the building. And police take this case as suicidal. The post mortem report has just recently been done which says On March 20 at Siddharth Hospital, Doctors officially confirmed his death. On Holi eve, Mannan has drunk too much. He does even not realize what’s going on in his surroundings.

Girish Malik Son Mannan Suicide Note

When he died, many flooded on the internet and sent heartfelt condolences to him. His fans were giving tribute to him and giving RIP Comments. One says It was sad to hear your sudden demise. My best wishes and all prayers are always with you. May your soul rest in peace.


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