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Who Was Tyrese Oneal Cause Of Death Footballer Stabbed By 17 Year Old Boy


Another piece of saddening news has come forward where it reported that a football player named Tyrese Oneal Pryor has died. It is being said by several sources that Tyrese was stabbed to death which has undoubtedly shaken all his loved ones. Tyrese was a young and aspiring footballer belonging to Sulphur Strings High School. According to the reports, the young boy was stabbed several times which eventually resulted in his sudden death. Let’s find more about the matter and who was Tyrese Oneal Pryor in this article below.

Tyrese Oneal

Reports are stating that Tyrese Oneal was just an 18-year-old boy who was stabbed by a teenager. Yes, a boy, aged 17, has been said to have killed the footballer after stabbing him multiple times with a sharp and lethal weapon. Well, let us also inform you that this case happens to be five years old as the incident happened in 2017. It seems like that the matter has caught attention again considering it’s going viral on various social media platforms. Talking about Tyrese Oneal death, he died on December 17, 2017, and left all his near and dear ones behind who have not recovered from his death even after so many years.

Who Was Tyrese Oneal?

The 17-year-old boy who reportedly stabbed Tyrese was identified as Gavin Gilbert. According to various reports, Tyrese was accompanied by his four friends when he met Gilbert. The boys get into a heated argument and within no time it turned physical. However, some sources are claiming that Tyrese was stabbed to death while others are saying that Gilbert shot him to death. No source seems to clear what was the actual truth and what was Tyrese Oneal Pryor cause of death. After the incident, police arrived at the scene.

As Tyrese situation was critical, he was rushed to a nearby hospital so that he can be saved. Unfortunately, the young footballer couldn’t survive and died due to his injuries. The hospital facility confirmed that Tyrese passed away around 7:43 PM. The investigation started in the matter and later Gavin was found guilty. He was charged with four counts of aggravated assaults along with one count of first-degree murder. Speaking of Tyrese Oneal Pryor, he was a great football player who went to Sulphur Strings High School and had participated in various competitions. It is extremely disheartening to learn about the passing of such a young boy who could have achieved success if he was alive.

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