Who Was Vikram Kothari? Rotomac Owner Dies At 73 What Was His Death Cause?

Sadly, the managing director of Rotomac Group, Vikram Kothari, has died at 73. It has been coming forward that Mr Kothari took his last breath on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. He was in Uttar Pradesh at the time of his death which occurred early the morning. Ever since the saddening news was announced, people have been paying the director a tribute on social media and are offering condolences to his family and friends. In addition to paying tributes, it is also being searched on the internet that what was Vikram Kothari cause of death.

Who Was Vikram Kothari? Rotomac Owner Dies At 73 What Was His Death Cause?

As per the reports, the businessman’s dead body was firstly seen by the servants in his house. The servants went ahead to inform the news to Vikram Kothari wife named Sadhna and his son Rahul who happened to be in Lucknow. According to Vikram’s servant, the former was found unconscious in his room. Taking his health into consideration, his servants immediately called the doctors who soon arrived at his residence.

Who Was Vikram Kothari?

However, Vikram Kothari was declared dead by the doctors. It is reported that he might have died due to cardiac arrest. However, it is still not confirmed yet. Talking about Vikram Kothari, he was one of the big businessmen who introduced Rotomac Pen and Pan Masala to the market. Both the products did good business and within some time, the director established his name among one of the biggest businessmen.

Initially, he was associated with the business of import-export but as time passed his family got split and he parted ways with Pan Parag which was launched in 1999. Kothari owned Dum Pan Masala and further in 1995, he launched Rotomac Pen. Fortunately, his business started growing well and he succeeded in making a name for himself. Later, in 1997, Prime Minister awarded Vikram Kothari with the best exporter award which was a great matter of pride for him and his family. His Rotomac Company’s worth from 1995-2005 rose to approximately Rs 100 crore.

It is no doubt that Vinod Kothari was a big name in the industry and his absence will be always felt. Ever since the news of Kothari passing surfaced online, all his colleagues and near and dear ones are condoling his death. Vikram Kothari is survived by his wife and his son who have gotten shattered after learning about his sudden demise. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. May Vikram Kothari soul rest in peace!

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