why Denise left the K-pop girl group Secret Number? Fans Reaction

Denise has finally announced her departure from Secret Number after taking 15 months off from group activities due to contract negotiations. As per sources, Secret Number is a rookie band that made its debut two years back. This group was a six-member girl group but now one member has decided to leave the band. At the time of their debut, in September 2020, that girl group belonged to the label Vine Entertainment originally.

The report says the name of the member who announced her exit from the original line-up is Denise. She has stated the reason for irreconcilable differences with the label for leaving the band. Denise was already an MIA for the Secret Number band since September 2021. Two of the members joined their brand in October 2021.

Because of some issues with her contract negotiation, Denise was supposed to take a break from her promotional activities. This news was announced in September 2021 as she was a member of secret number and was facing some issues with the Label. The conflict of her with the label was never made public. Denise has announced her exit from the label, Vine Entertainment, and the band, Secret Number, via Instagram DM.

As she was leaving, Denise has posted a song on her YouTube Channel for her fans, who has always supported her during the journey. The name of the song is ‘you were beautiful’ by Day6.

Denise Departs From Secret Number and Vine Entertainment

Denise has shared the news of her departure from the Secret Number and Vine Entertainment label on 5th February Via her Instagram account. All of the fans of Secret Number are heartbroken after hearing the news. She wrote, “after debuting as a member of Secret Number in may 2020, I have made such precious memories together with Lockey.”

Denise thanked all of her fans who supported her during the struggling days and helped her to attain success. She said, “although I will not be able to see myself as a member of Secret Number anymore, I will always support my members.” She expressed her emotions with the hope that Lockey will be supporting her in the future as well even she is leaving the group.

Fans reaction to Denise’s Decision

Fans are upset with her decision of leaving Vine Entertainment. They are also showing their anger as Vine Entertainment has not yet released any official statement for Denise’s exit from the group. One fan wrote, “Secret Number will never be the same without Denise as OT5. Good luck to them though and the new members.”

Meanwhile, another person wrote, “No offense to new members. But to be an honest new member of Secret Number did not give much impact on the group color. Probably if they stay as four would be better, but the problem is they don’t have the main vocal. To be honest, Denise vocal gives good color to the group but yeah, I think she deserves better.”

One of her fans wrote, “I get to know the secret number because of Denise, but end up loving soodam. Secret number will forever be 5N attached to my heart. Even though there are new two members I will continue loving and supporting Denise and secret number in the future.”

“After Denise left, secret number’s chemistry and vibe changed and I would not call myself a Lockey anymore, to be honest. I just cannot vibe with the new lineup. My new bias is zuu but overall there is something that I cannot name which keeps me back from stanning. I still support them though” said a person.

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