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Why Did Murder Suspect Steve Pankey Kill Her And Who Is He?


One of the longest mysteries took place in 1984 December that still continuing and hasn’t concluded so far. According to the reports, a 12 years old teenager named Jonelle Matthews was missing from 1984 from her home in Greely, Colorado. The only evidence the young girl left behind her was her shoeprints that also tried to tempered by the kidnapper. After numerous years when the Police authority failed to rescue the girl, it started circulating all over and spread like wildfire across the country and then globally. Get more information on Who Killed Jonelle Matthews and her killer.

Jonelle Matthews Cause Of Death: Why Did Murder Suspect Steve Pankey Kill Her And Who Is He?
The mystery continued even after more than three decades when the Police finally achieved success in recovering Jonelle’s corpse after digging a pipeline. The authority found the mortal remain of Jonelle in 2019 and a year later police captured a suspect named Steven Pankey. However, it is being said that Steven never met Jonelle in his lifetime, but as everyone said while seeking attention who involved himself in the case become the prime suspect of the case after he made numerous statements on the case. Later, Police took him to custody and sent him on trial in October 2021.

What Was Jonelle Matthews Cause Of Death?

As and when he proceeded to the court his lawyer said that Pankey is an attention seeker but he can’t kill anyone. Later it had been learnt that Pankey never met with Jonelle. One of his statements was released by Pankey’s lawyer named Anthony Viorst said “There is no indication that he committed this murder, no indication that he had anything to do with burying the body.” At the time of the trial, Viorst stated that his client was a “true-crime junkie.

It had been around four decades that the Police was found the who was the real culprit. Her parents are also summoned to the courtroom who are extremely eager for any kind of answer regarding her daughter’s killing. A number of people are supporting Jonelle’s parents in this case and demanding justice. At a time Jonelle smashed the headlines throughout her poster has been circulated all over America. We will get back to you with much information regarding the case as soon as it gets confirmed by any of the trustworthy sources. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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