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Why Did Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy Breakup With Each Other, Split up Reason What Happened!


Vanderpump Rules stars James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss split, calling them out of their engagement. James, 29, also announced their split by sharing a similar caption and picture of them on his Instagram shortly after Raquel’s post. Month 31, 2015, their official Instagram relationship in the Gregorian calendar month of 2016. Rachel starred in the fifth season of Vanderpump Rules later that year. James and Raquel later announced their engagements in power after James questioned the Palm Springs “Rachella” fiesta following Coachella’s cancellation.

Why Did Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy Breakup With Each Other

The former couple has strived in antiquity when Kennedy shamelessly battled addiction on the Truth show. In 2020, he thanked Leviss for celebrating a year of sobriety and wrote on Instagram. They initially got engaged in 2018 and wanted to push for tying the knot in the Gregorian calendar month of 2020. While Kennedy has been a mainstay of VPR for years, Leviss was late when he was late in April 2019, shortly after he got the desired appearance on Tire and the attempt will begin to get out.

Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy Breakup Reason

Kent and Emmett, who welcomed Ocean’s female offspring in March, postponed their wedding to 2022 thanks to COVID19. However, reports of a breakup broke out in October after Kent deleted every Emmett post from his Instagram page. It looked like Leviss would still be wearing his band on Wednesday, as seen in a pic shared on Insta at the time. You begin an alternate chapter, with each James and Raquel busy with their own business endeavors. James continues to specialize in his DJ career and recently got excited about new music on Instagram.

What Happened In Between Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy?

Amid rumors of fraud confirmed by a businessman in the United States of America in November 2020, Kent decided to end the connection after 5 years. Hours after the two announced their split, Leviss and Kennedy are still following each other on Instagram, and neither have they deleted their photos. “Randall didn’t want to. Regardless, however, it was Lala’s decision, ”a source explained at the time. “The trust is gone. He was trying to get it back. The last time he shared it, even though it’s a memory with Kennedy on her story, it was Nov.

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