Why Is Ludwig Swatted? Why Is he On Live Stream? What Happened?

Why Is Ludwig Swatted? Why Is he On Live Stream? What Happened?: Another case rose to the attention when a police swatting victim was spotted live during streaming on Youtube. The popular Internet personality is named Ludwig Ahgren. The YouTuber is running a YouTube channel with an enormous 3.45 million subscribers making him one of the notable YouTubers and online personalities. He mostly uploads reactions and prank videos. His YouTube channel received immense love from the netizens and also assisted him in attaining fame. Along with YouTube the online personality also earned much fame on another streaming platform Twitch. Get more information on What happened to YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren.

Ludwig Swatted On Live Stream


As we mentioned above that he also accumulated decent recognization on Twitch. He is the host of a YouTube podcast famous with the title ‘The Yard’. He also revealed that he transferred his stream from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. His YouTube podcast received much attention during his podcast with the CEO of YouTube brother. Apart from that, he fetched consideration when the YouTuber was swatted by the authority during a live broadcast streaming on 28th August 2022. The video caused a celebrity struck in some trouble due to the unlawful prank. It affected the fame of the online personality at the time.

Prior to this another YouTuber named Darren Watkins well known as Ishowspeed detained by the law authority from his home after he recorded a prank wherein he was called police in his video during live streaming. The incident ensued on 8th August of the ongoing year. The fame of the YouTuber was also affected due to his arrest. While moving back to Ludwig, he is quite popular for his prank and highly whimsical jokes. The YouTuber provided a highly advanced technique of widely spreading information about a particular event and advancements.

For all the unversed Swatting is an unlawful activity of calling emergency authorities on behalf of fiction to garner the attention of the armed police to a specific area. The famous YouTuber was slammed recently for committing the same act during one of his prank videos. The YouTuber finds it entertaining to see the invasion of streamers adobe live on the Internet.

Along with Ludwig and Ishowspeed some other YouTubers including Los Pollos and Adin Ross asserted that Ludwig had spread throughout his neighbourhood prior to swatting Los Pollos. While Adin Ross informed his 60k followers that Ludwig was one who struck Los Pollos. Get more information on Ludwig swatting during the live stream.

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