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Why Is The American (USA) Flag at Half Mast Today? DECEMBER 6TH-9TH NOTICES Who Was Robert Joseph Dole?


On this day, in 1941 USA (United States of America) was become the witness of one of the greatest clashes of history as Japan had become the cause of heavy destruction. Therefore, the flags flew at half-mast at many US government buildings, embassies, and service facilities on 6th December. On Monday flags were at half-mast, the 6th December to honor Senator Robert Dole, who got died at the age of 98. But amidst this President, Joe Biden also shared a statement that flags to be grounded as the mark of respect for Senator Dole at the White house.


According to the sources, everyone is respecting Robert Joseph Dole, who was a hero during the war which took place in history, because alone he saved plenty of lives which was appreciable enough. On White House, when the flag is flown on the residential buildings, The president has announced that everyone can become the witness of flag wave on the same date, when the great destruction surrounded entire America during the clash. The 6-7th December for America always brings pain as it makes everyone remember the same pain, as they have lost their close ones because no matter what is the clash but it always becomes the cause of several deaths.

It is being reported, that the flags would stay at half-staff on Tuesday, 7th December for the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. The ceremony will take place at the same place as every year organizers hold it, more than 2,401 services members and normal people who lost their lives during the attack on 9th December 1941. Around 80 years have been completed since the attaching and if you want to catch the essential details of the event. So you can visit the official portal where you will get everything along with those details which everyone needs to know.

Here we have mentioned such details about the event and the history which the citizens have faced during the great clash. But if you want to get more so you should check the entire details of other social media sites, because regarding the event you will have to visit the official portal, and to know rest of the history you can get on the internet. These details have been derived from the other sources, so when we will get more we will update you, so stay connected with us to know the further details.

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