Why Jussie Smollett sentenced To Jail? Charges explained

Empire Actor Jussie Smollett has finally been sentenced to jail for as long as 150 days following the charges on him of lying to the cops about the attack. The long-running case of Jussie Smollett and the cops have finally come to an end after a long time. With now the verdict out on the Smollett case, here’s what we know all about it.

Read ahead to know more about Jussie Smollett and his jail sentence for 150 days.

Jussie Smollett was accused of five count of misconduct

While it all began back in the year 2019, Smollett came up with a claim to the Chicago cops that he was attacked by two masked men. The actor claimed before the cops that he was attacked because of his race. With cops that went on to investigate the matter later, he was supported by known Hollywood celebs for raising the issue.

However, it later came out that the actor orchestrated the whole attack himself to get media coverage. Yet Smollett never accepted the claims of the cops. Meanwhile, he got charged with five counts of lies out of six.

Empire actor orchestrated the false attack on him

It took more than three long years to finally settle the case of the Empire actor with him now declared as guilty. The case of Smollett however was full of twists and turns, as the case kept turning sides every few months.

While the actor claimed to have been attacked. The cops had another story to the claim of him. It was later revealed that the actor paid two members he knew since the Empire show to do a false attack on him. He was believed to be not happy with his career while in the show Empire. Meanwhile, Smollett denied the claims of the two members who accepted that they were being paid to make false attacks on him.

Smollett gets sentenced for 150 days in jail

After a long drama, the case finally wrapped up this week with the verdict of Smollett to be sentenced to 150 days in jail. 30 months of probation will be followed by 150 days in Cook County Jail. Additionally, he would have to pay a fine of $25, 000. Moreover, he will also be required to pay $120, 106 to the Chicago city for restitution.

As the courtroom announced the verdict of sentence on the actor, he pleaded that he is innocent. Stating further he said, his life in jail is prone to danger and that if something happens to him in the jail, nobody should take it as a suicide.

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