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Why Sikes And Mary Faked Noah’s Death Explained


Noah Skeem Saam Death: It seems like Matlogas had just pulled off a scam of the century as they have faked the death of Noah Matloga, the former stepfather of Noah naming Leeto Maputla, he has received a call that Noah has died in prison as he was fighting another inmate, it seems like viewers are believing that his death is fake and we are here to explain you the situation. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Noah Skeem Saam Death

Noah Skeem Saam Death

Why Do Viewers Believe His Death To Be Fake?: It seems like Matlogas has been pretty desperate in order to release Noah from prison and they are willing to do anything to make sure that this happens, it has been seen that Mary Matloga is one of the most dangerous women when it comes to Turfloop, she is more dangerous than Noah’s gangster father naming Sikes and she even has connections which Maputlas can only dream of.

Noah Skeem Saam Death Explained

Mary always wanted Leeto at the trial of Meikie which happened last week and she is going to be making sure that her grandson gets freed when Mokgadi was interviewing the Seakamelas the same day when her son died, it was a confirmation to the viewers that Noah is not dead.

  • Mokgadi loved her son more than her career and she wouldn’t be able to work when her son has just died.
  • Noah’s fake death is going to spread trouble for Leeto and the rest of the Maputlas.
  • Skies are also going to torture the Maputlas even further and they are going to Hunt Leeto down because he has been the one who arranged for Noah to be transferred to Northern Cape prison.
  • Mapitsi couldn’t find any kind of reports on the internet or when it comes to the social media of the fight which has caused Noah’s death.
  • Noah and Mary’s father Sikes would have been contacted by Makgadi if Noah was actually dead.


There are so many speculations that are going on the internet surrounding his death, people truly believe that Noah is not at all dead, anything is possible when we talk about the guy, this is what people think of him. There should be further updates in the story and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further information in the coming days and weeks if something comes under our radar.

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