Why Twitter is convinced TikTok’s Francis Bourgeois isn’t ‘real’

If you you are Twitter right now, you’re almost guaranteed to see content relating to Francis Bourgeois… otherwise known as the TikToker who loves trains.

Upon stumbling across photos of Francis and learning his real name (no, his real name is not Bourgeois), fans of the TikToker have fallen down a rabbit hole, debating whether everything that they know about him is a lie.

We’re breaking it all down for you.


Who is Francis Bourgeois?

If you’re not familiar, Francis Bourgeois is a popular creator on TikTok who gained popularity for his love of trains.

The 21-year-old boasts over 1.7 million followers on the platform, taking his followers across different cities to train spot.

According to The Tab, the TikToker grew up in North West London and has always had a passion for trains, which was reignited when he went to University in Nottingham to study engineering.




Fans find out TikTok creator’s real name

More recently, fans have uncovered somewhat of a secret about the TikToker… his real name isn’t remotely close to Francis.

Public Companies House records revealed that Francis Bourgeois’ actual name is Luke Nicolson.

Following this bomb-shell, fans started to question Francis’ identity even more when photos of him (seemingly at University) surfaced online.

In latest developments, it’s also been reported that Luke (Francis) dabbles in modelling and is represented by Brother modelling agency.

With that being said, there’s nothing to suggest that Luke isn’t as passionate about trains as he is under the Bourgeois persona.

Twitter users spark debate

Learning that Francis is actually called Luke sent Twitter users into a frenzy, sparking debate surrounding whether ‘Francis Bourgeois’ is just an act or online persona.

One person tweeted: “all that the Francis Bourgeois haters have on him is that he has a different online name and is a model ??? not gonna let you guys bring train guy down.”

Another wrote: “did you all think francis bourgeois was a real name”

Somebody else took to Twitter: “Wait that’s NOT his name?”

What do you think?

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