Why Was Calum Von Moger Arrested? Charges Explained

Calum Von Moger Arrested: Why Was Calum Von Moger Arrested? Charges Explained: The arrest news of a popular fitness star is presently making the headlines of the newspaper. Yes, your assumption is right we are talking about Calum Von Moger who has been detained. Moger is a fitness instructor, bodybuilder, and actor hailing from Australia. He has maintained his body and greatly resembles the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Calum is extremely praised for his physique and was also be to land a role in the film Bigger, where he played the young Arnold. He had ventured into the modeling world and secured a modeling campaign for Gucci in the year 2019. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Calum Von Moger Arrested

Calum Von Moger Arrested

Calum Von Moger was apprehended for menacing someone and chasing them down carrying a knife in his hands. He was arrested for road rage, and it looks like his mental health is not in sound condition, due to which he acted in this way. He had half of the sponsors leave him and the personal problems regarding his baby and his mother were also toiling on him which affected his mental pressure had direct him to this kind of behavior otherwise, he is not a bad person.

Calum began lifting weights at the young age of 14 years old and paved his way to fame and success with his good looks and incredible muscular proportions. He has also triumphed Mr Universe 3 times. Likewise, he was featured in the Netflix produced Generation Iron 2 in the year 2017. His documentary Calum Von Moger titled “Unbroken” also get positive feedback from the audience and reached the top 2 documentaries on iTunes.

Why Was Calum Von Moger Arrested?

Calum Von Moger is on house arrest or not after road rage is uncertain as there is no particular information disclosed to the public about it. He is no longer in prison, and he is back to being a fitness instructor and in bodybuilding. He has recently begun a 6 Week Mass Transformation Challenge which begins from the 28th of March 2022 and individuals can access the challenge with $49. In the challenge, the individual can train with him and accumulate daily workouts, nutrition principles, and secrets. Likewise, there will also be the availability of mass private community groups and live weekly registers.

Calum Von Moger Child And Baby Momma On Instagram

Calum Von Moger was in a relationship with his companion, Nicola Segura who is also the baby momma, and they had a child together. But at current, she is not his wife or girlfriend. Calum has not shared any photos with his baby and his baby momma or might have removed them on Instagram. Their relationship went downhill when Nicola wanted to have the kid, whereas Calum wanted her to get an abortion. She did not listen to him and decided to give birth and take care of the baby by herself. The name of the kid is Kairos, and after giving birth to the child, Nicola takes legal action against Calum for child support.


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