Why was Ex-AFL player Brennan Stack Arrested? Charges Explained

Brennan Stack Arrested: Why was Ex-AFL player Brennan Stack Arrested? Charges Explained: Society has progressed a lot but even today crime against women is not taking its name to stop. Society has progressed a lot but even today crime against women is not taking its name to stop. One after another many cases has been reported that depict the real face of society. Let’s talk about the current scenario, former Western Bulldogs player Brennan Stack has been charged over a sickening attack on 2 ladies in Northbridge-an assault explained by a senior police officer as the most “vicious” and “ferocious” he had watched in more than 20 years in the job. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brennan Stack Arrested

Brennan Stack Arrested

Mr. Stack and Shai Anthony Martin both faced Northbridge Magistrates Court on Sunday alleged of savagely beating the sufferers, leaving them with severe face and head wounds. The former footballer played 21 games for the Bulldogs ad retired in the year 2011. The shocking assault was caught on camera by a witness and on nearby CCTV. Police prosecutors stated that the officer who reviewed the video footage explained it as one of the most “vicious” and “ferocious” attacks he had watched in 21 years in the force.

Brennan Stack Arrested

Mr. Stack and Mr. Martin reportedly started brutally beating the women, both aged 24, after an altercation broke out when their car doors slammed into each other. Both parties were strangers prior to the incident, as stated by police. The court was informed Mr. Stack, 33, instigated the violence by punching one of the ladies in the head until she gets fainted and collapsed.

Why was Brennan Stack Arrested?

Prosecutors claimed Mr. Martin (25-years-old), proceeded to join in and dragged her by the hair for 5 meters prior to frequently punching and kicking her back and head. At the time of one kick to the head, the neck of the victim snapped back dramatically, the court was informed. When her pal intervened, the assailants stomped on her head 3 times and knocked her unconscious.

The aching video captured by a witness, in the player above, viewed one of the attackers running up and kicking one of the sufferers forcefully in the head as she struggled on the ground. Both ladies suffered concussions and brushing and swelling to the face, and one sustained a notable cut to her hand. The bail application of Mr. Martin and Mr. Stack was postponed to Monday morning after police prosecutors requested more time to collect information.

The entire extent of the wounds of the two victims is anonymous which could change the charge. Both men, who are each presently facing a charge of doing an act causing bodily harm, will spend the night in jail. Stay tuned with us for more such news.


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