Why was Kit Thompson Arrested? Charges Explained

Kit Thompson Arrested: Why was Kit Thompson Arrested? Charges Explained: On social media, Ana Jalandoni has been covering every digital platform and on some other news channels. She and her husband whose name is Kit Thompson both facing disputes for a long time. They didn’t find a way out. The kit has done some really bad things with her which we can’t say in words. Cops have arrested Kit and they are now in the custody. She was now safe and rescued by the police. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kit Thompson Arrested

Kit Thompson Arrested

Kit has been taken to the police station for interrogation, while Jalandoni is getting treatment for her injuries at the hospital. On March 18, the online community was stunned by reports regarding Kit and Ana. She was rescued from the Tagaytay hotel according to the Tagaytay PNP. They have been staying in the hotel room. Both have to enjoy their moments but suddenly their discussion on some topic will be turned into anger and started arguing with each other. Both have faced some disputes with each other. Those who were staying in the hotel room were started hearing some noises which were coming out from their rooms.

Why was Kit Thompson Arrested?

When their dispute was not over, the hotel clerk called the Tagaytay Cops and informed the whole matter. When Police and go to the hotel room, they were shocked. They found out that a lady was lying on the floor with so many injuries and blood. Her arms, her face has seen many wounds which were totally shocking. At that time, they didn’t understand the whole thing. They just take her to the hospital and started getting treatments. Currently, she was in the ER of a hospital where she was getting treatment. She shared the photos with her fans where her face was totally wounded and see some stitches on it.

After they see the whole scenario, cops are waiting for the answers from her. Why does your boyfriend do this to you? What’s wrong with him. What’s the reason behind it. All these questions have been asked for her. But cops are waiting for her to get treatment.

According to reports, she was around in her 20s. She was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 55 to 60 kg. She is also on Instagram where she posts from time to time. You can find her account with the name @realanajalandoni. On that account, she was 1.2 million followers and something around 86 posts. She has photos of herself and with her boyfriend. But now she was deleting each of them.

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