Why was Police Chief Abba Kyari Arrested? Charges Explained

Abba Kyari Arrested: Why was Police Chief Abba Kyari Arrested? Charges Explained: Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari is on suspension for drug trafficking, he is a Nigerian police officer who has been suspended for specious charges and relieved from all his duties till the outcome has not come out of an investigation as he is alleged of contacting with famous alleged fraudster Ramon Abbas and Gucci King. Netizens are being curious to read about this trending subject of the internet result as we have covered this story after doing a deep study on it so go down the page and look at the given below sections of this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Abba Kyari Arrested

Abba Kyari Arrested

He is also a member of the International Association of Police Cheifs. Abba worked in one of many bases of PMF situated in Lagos as a unit commander at Police Command of Lagos State after which he was uplifted and transferred to SARS to serve as the in-charge officer of disbanded. In 2000 he joined Police Academy Wudil Kano from where he was graduated as a cadet ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police), and he has an illustrious career throughout his serving and promoted many times in his career as he was also boosted for his one-year mandatory branch in Police Divison of Song to Adamawa State Police Command.

Why was Police Chief Abba Kyari Arrested?

But his illustrious career is not the only thing that is making headlines currently as there is also a video that has been circulated on the internet in which he can be seen doing negotiation with drug syndicate. When the National Force Law Enforcement got to know about his misconduct authority declared him wanted for pushing drug abetting and aiding. This news was made public by the NDLEA on Monday from its office in Abuja and NDLEA declared him wanted after a few months of the police commander’s fraud case was being indicted by US court. US court also asked him to defend himself from the allegations of complicity in one million USD carried out by Hushpuppi also known as Raman Abbas

For now, his suspension is only a temporary ban from his duties while the investigators are examining the relationship of Kyari with fraudster Hushpuppi. The NDLEA also disclosed that he is a member of a drug syndicate that operates from different countries like Brazil, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. The net worth of Abba Kyari is estimated as 1.3 million USD which he has earned through his rank in the police department.


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