Why were Russian Spies Arrested? Charges Explained

Russian Spies Arrested: Why were Russian Spies Arrested? Charges Explained: In the year 2016, Pro-Russian informer Bohu Darbar donate €10,000 to the extremist LENS. Another man arrested over his contacts with Russians, Jozef Mihalčin, served as the assistant of MP Miroslav Suja when Suja was an L’SNS MP. Many people were arrested by the police due to their collaboration with Russian secret services were close to the far-right L’SNS of Marian Kotleba. After the invasion of Russia of Ukraine, the party of Kotleba continues to downplay the responsibility of the regime of Vladimir Putin for the war in Ukraine. In the past, the police probed suspicions that L’SNS was taking money from the Russians. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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Russian Spies Arrested

Garbár used to pen for the disinformation website Hlavne Spravy, the onetime biggest one in the segment, recently suspended by the National Security Bureau (NBU) because of its circulation of disinformation about the war in Ukraine. L’SNS used to have a wealthy position on this website: it would publish its statements sans context. Hlavné Správy also continued to provide liberal room to L’SNS renegades in the new party, Republika.

vladimir putin illness

Jakub Goda, an expert on combating disinformation and marketing specialist, “infiltrated” the website and penned a dozen articles for them under a fake identity, which gave him a glimpse into how the website operated. He now says that the link between Russian secret services, the betrayal websites, and extremist parties does not surprise him.

Why were Russian Spies Arrested?

“The Russian Federation wants to weaken countries by doing the citizens” trust in their own state. It is the political agenda of extremists and, at the same time, content for disinformation websites that spread many conspiracy theories.” The news outlet published a leaked video viewing Sergey Solomasov, the former military attache at the Russian Embassy in Bratislava, as tasking Bohus Garbar of Hlavne Spravy how to acquire contacts and information. It is one piece of proof that the police investigators are using in the spy case.

As per police Corps President Stefan Hamran, Garbar worked as an intelligence asset for agents of the Russian military intelligence service GRU, which had served in Slovakia under the diplomatic cover of the Russian Embassy, since the month of April 2021. Solomasov informs Garbar on the leaked video that “I require political information, communication among countries, from within NATO, within the EU, Bratislava and other countries.”

Garbar would gather highly sensitive information in exchange for bribes from Moscow. He confessed to the crime. Martin Belusky, the spokesperson of L’SS reacted that they could not have known about the activities of Garbar, as they had not been in contact with him for years. Russian agents recruited Garbar in the month of April 2021.


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