Will it be Annie or Calah Jackson? Fans guess Steven Mcbee’s choice

In the season finale, Joe Millionaire Steven McBee will need to choose between Annie and Calah. Steven calls Calah the wild card in a preview clip.

The eyes of fans have been focused on Kurt Sowers and Steven from the very beginning. Now that the season has come to a close, they will have to choose which women they will choose, and which will be sent packing. 

Initially, there were 18 contestants, and the men had no problem narrowing down the field as they were generally in agreement about who lacked a connection with them and who was in it for the wrong reasons. 

Steven has an estimated worth of $10 million, whereas Kurt doesn’t. However, the women aren’t sure which bachelor has the millionaire status. 

For Kurt Sowers, choosing between Amanda Pace and Carolyn Moore is a tough call, but for Steven Mcbee, it’s between Annie Jorgensen and Calah Mack. After four women remain, the men will decide which woman they wish to spend the rest of their lives with.

After breaking up with Amber and Whitney in episode 10, Steven decided they would be better off as friends. Whitney was also told by him that she had to leave because of their different lifestyles. 

Joe Millionaire fans guess Steven Mcbee’s choice in the finale

Steven’s relationship with Annie is very important to some fans, while Calah’s relationship with Steven is also significant to others.

One user said that Annie has always been team, Steven. Calah just decided she was a week ago. Another user said “Rooting for Annie”.

According to another user, if Steven doesn’t end up marrying Annie, the user will be upset.

The relationship between Steven Mcbee and Annie Jorgensen and Calah Mack

Steve Mcbee and Annie Jorgensen have had a strong relationship since the beginning of the show, and their bond has only strengthened with time.

Steven and Cate became friends during a birthday party at Lakeshore Manor. They ended up sharing an intimate moment after Annie made it very clear that she was very interested in him. She wanted to explore their relationship.

Annie was the clear favorite for Steven’s heart following a special one-on-one date during one of the episodes. Annie’s confidence in herself and their comfort with each other was liked by the Joe Millionaire lead.

Originally, Steven also felt a soft spot for Calah, but the star wasn’t sure about their relationship because she didn’t open up as much as he predicted. With each passing episode, she became more vulnerable.

Her choice of Kurt or Steven was uncertain for the longest time, as both men were attracted to her. In the end, it was Steven who she felt more connected with after she danced to Easton Corbin’s tunes on their one-on-one date.

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