Will Purvi is find The Truth?

The latest episode of Molkki begins with Purvi is saying that your bangle is still shining, Sakshi says because these are my bangles. She further says that I thought it need to be polished, So, I was sent them to the jewelry store. Purvi asks if she has done something wrong. Sakshi glares at Purvi and leaves. Purvi there is thinking of Sakshi’s strange behavior. Juhi and Manas there are playing together when they break Manas’ chain mistakenly. Juhi gets sad but Purvi decided to send it to the jeweler to fix the chain. She calls the jeweler and asks the person to collect the chain from the house.

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Purvi then asks to send Sakshi’s bangles as well, but the jeweler replies that he doesn’t have any bangles. She talks for a while to the jewelers and ends the call. She then wonders if Sakshi was behind the incident, she then thinks that it isn’t possible as this baby also belongs to her. Just then Virender calls Purvi and asks her if she is fine. Purvi is about to inform him about the incident, but Sakshi comes there. She thinks to not tell Virender anything in front of Sakshi.

Purvi manipulates her words and says that Manas is sad as his kite got stuck in the tree. She asks him to cheer him up, Virender frowns at her and says you called over trifles. He says that I was wondering if something happened to you. Purvi apologized to Virender and says I thought Manas will feel good along with you. Virender then says it is fine as he really didn’t want to go to that place and now you have called me back. Virender and Sakshi leave and Purvi inwardly apologizes to Virender. She says I will find out the truth with evidence and then come to you.

Purvi asks Virender for the number of the contractor who came to repair the roof yesterday. Virender asks if there is something wrong with the roof still, she lies to her and says that he didn’t do his work properly, so, I decided to call her again to fix the roof properly. Virender then asks Sakshi to look after Purvi, meanwhile, Purvi says that she will take care of herself don’t bother Sakshi with trifles. Tune in to Colors TV at 10 PM today and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information and Molkki Written Update.

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