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Will Simar Forget Aarav Ever?


The daily soap called Sasural Simar Ka 2 has been managing its fan base among the audience amazingly and with its, every episode makers are forcing the audience to get forced to watch the show. Well, in the previous episode we watched a high voltage drama in Narayan’s family where Indu gets angry at Simar asking why did she meet Aarav even when no one wants them to meet. Simar gets a teary eye seeing her family’s pain and swears on her mom that she will never meet Aarav again.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

So, the latest episode of SSK2 begins with, Indu sitting in her room meanwhile, Simar comes to her and keeps her head on Indu’s lap, Indu says her to get up and not to do such things as she has hurt her and it was not even expected at this level. Simar takes the oil and ointments Indu’s burned mark saying that mother’s touch is the only sacred thing in the world and even a kid knows the mother’s touch so how can she stay away from her mom, she says that today she is shattered as she hurt her mother. Indu looks at her, Simar says that she has done the biggest sin of her life and she does not deserve to get forgiveness and she is not happy after breaking her trust.

In another scene, Samar makes a call to Gajendra and tells him that after thinking a lot he has taken the decision now. Gajendra asks him to let him know, Reema tries to overhear but unfortunately could not hear anything and she gets upset, she then looks around and sees Vivaan looking at the stars and she then goes to him. She asks him if he is counting the stars or just gazing at the sky, he replies that he is looking for the shooting stars so that he can make a wish.

She asks him that what he wants now when his wish is standing in front of him. Vivaan replies that he wants to make a wish for Bhai’s happiness because he is just trying to be happy but there is nothing like happiness in his life and he is going through so much pain and sadness. She looks at him weirdly, he then says that he just wants his brother’s smile back on his face. Reema then says that as per this she should also look for the same in the sky because her sister is also going through so many things and her tears are not stopping till now. The episode ends here, stay tuned to read more upcoming updates.

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