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Will Tejo Find The Prankster?


Your favorite family drama show called Udaariyaan is making people crazy with its daily episodes and as you all know that the daily soap has been gripping the interest of its audience pleasingly. Well, the episode begins with, Tejo returning home and calling out Riya. Riya comes, Tejo looks at Riya and starts to cry hugging her. She then asks her where was she and why did she leave her. Riya looks at him and consoles asking now she is with her then why she is crying.

Udaariyaan Written Episode 21st Dec 2021 Update: Tanya Threatens Tejo

Tejo replies that she was so scared. Riya says that there was nothing to be scared as it was just a prank. She goes. Tejo asks “what prank”, She replies “Angad’s prank”. Tejo asks her that what does it mean and then asks if Angad buys this ice cream for her. Riya says that it was his friend. Tejo asks who, Tanya? Riya denies saying that she forgot her name. Tejo asks if she knows her, and why did she go with her.

Udaariyaan Today’s Written Episode

Riya replies that her maggie was with her and she told her that she is Angad’s friend so he did not think too much and just went with her. Tejo asks about her looks. Riya replies that she was so beautiful and her voice was too sweet. Tejo wonders who can she be? On the other side, Jasmine says that it was just a trailer Tejo and so many things are yet to come. Meanwhile, Tejo calls Angad and tells him that Riya is home.

Crying Angar stops his car and wipes his tears out thanking god that Riya is safe and at home. Tejo then asks him that she does not find it right and she knows that he can’t play this prank. He asks what prank is she talking about. She says him not to think much as she will explain and says him to come home as they will talk about it. She hangs up the call and thinks that who can do this and why would someone do this. There, Tanya walks and suddenly collides with Fateh where he tries to save him and as a result, she falls in his arms.

Fateh apologizes, she says him that he still finding reasons to collide with her. She touches him and he says her to stay away and not to do such things. She looks into his eyes and asks that if she does not stop so what will he do, will he go to Sharma to complain about her. He does not look into her eyes, she then threatens him saying that what if she complaints about him to Sharma. The episode ends, stay connected to read further episodes.

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