Witold Paszt’s Death – Singer and Founder Of The VOX Band Passed Away, Cause Of Death

Witold Paszt’s Death – Singer and Founder Of The VOX Band Passed Away

Born on September 1, 1953, Witold Paszt graduated from a music school and went to study in Lublin, where he studied at the music faculty of the Maria Skłodowska-Curie University.

Witold Paszt's Cause of Death: Another COVID-19's Victims?

With the Victoria Singers band, he began his musical career in 1977. Mr. Paszt founded the VOX vocal quartet a year after, which included Andrzej Kozioł, Ryszard Rynkowski and Jerzy Słota.

OX has received multiple awards and distinctions at numerous festivals in Poland and Europe. American music and gospel, funk, and jazz sounds were inspired by their pop songs, winning the hearts of the audience.

The legend, Past, was the only member of the original line-up to play in the band VOX until the very end. His first solo album “Jak Słoń” was released in 2001 on which the singer collaborated with Seweryn Krajewski, Robert Chojnacki and Jerzy “Duduś” Matuszkiewicz.

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Witold Paszt’s Cause of Death

Following Witold Paszt’s cause of death, Mr. Paszt has passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by daughters, grandchildren, son-in-law, beloved animals at the age of 68. May he rest in peace.

Yesterday late in the evening, the day after the anniversary of the death of his beloved wife, our father, Witold Paszt, passed away. A great, best man, beloved grandfather, Artist in the full sense of the word. When it seemed that he was violent and indestructible because he had defeated his third COVID, suddenly the tide turned and there were unexpected complications that greatly accelerated his longed meeting with our Mom.

He was in a great hurry to see her. Dad passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by daughters, grandchildren, son-in-law and the most beloved animals. We believe that he will always be with us through his music and the good that he bestowed on everyone in need.

We are desperate. Our hearts are broken. Thank you for the great care of the Provincial Hospital of them. John Paul II in Zamość, Dad’s Friends and Fans for their support and warm words to him in the last days. Details on how to say goodbye to Dad will be announced at a later date.

We kindly ask media representatives to respect the time of our mourning. Natalia and Aleksandra Paszt with their families

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Witold Paszt's Cause of Death: Another COVID-19's Victims?

Since the heartbreaking news is out, fans and friends are sharing their condolences through social media.

Przemysław Czarnek expressed: “Another exceptional man has passed away. A master of Polish music, an outstanding resident of Zamość, a man of great heart – Witold Paszt. Rest in the Eternal Peace.”

A fan tweeted from one f his lyrics: “Have a good time, it’s time. You have a map of life in your heart, You are like … a young bird, Fate is deaf, You call him in vain, Because your voice .. “Witold Paszt 🖤.”

One commented on Instagram: “Oh God, it’s not possible 😢😢 Jesus beloved 🖤 I sympathize with my family with all my heart, a wonderful man is now with his love together 🖤💝⚘ peace of their soul.”

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