Woman Dies After Tree Falls On Car In Highgate Video Footage Explained

Recently, a piece of quite heartwrenching news is reported from London which left almost everyone in deep shock, as nothing was predicted and the incident was too spontaneous. Yes, you heard right, a London woman passed away after a tree falls on her car in Highgate, since the news occurred on social media it set the wave of great grief among everyone. Whoever heard the news had only one reaction, that what was the need for her to go out at the time of the storm eunice, knowing that it would be very dangerous.

Who Was Storm Eunice? Woman Dies After Tree Falls On Car In Highgate Video Footage

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the incident occurred at 04:03 PM on Muswell Hill Road in Hornsey, if the statement of witnesses is to be considered, the sound was intense enough that made them shiver. Because her entire car got destroyed due to the heavyweight of the giant tree, all four mirrors got destroyed along with other parts of her vehicle. Later, as soon as the storm subsided a bit and the situation became a little normal, everyone around came out and tried to get her out, but their all efforts were proven useless as the tree was giant enough.

Storm Eunice Kills Woman

Meanwhile, they made a call to concerned authorities so that, they could come as soon as they can and make her out of the car. So that, they could make her admitted to the nearest hospital but they were late as she had lost her breath already. The bridge was called around 1 hour early of their reaching but when they reached the situation was horrific as the giant tree had been surrounded the entire vehicle under its branches and therefore, rescue operation took much time. Almost everyone is paying tribute to her through social media while praying for the strength of her family to bear the pain of tragic loss.

If some statements are to be considered, so a spokesperson of Metropolitan Police said that ” The concerned authority received the call after 16 hours, to reports of a giant tree fell on a car in Muswell Hill road nearby the Junction along with South Close, N6. Later, they identified the deceased as a 30-years-old woman who hails from the same place where her unexpected demise occurred. Besides this, the medical services have also shared a statement that they had to face some obstacles due to the storm because of which, they could make her save. So her e we have mentioned such details which have been derived from the other sources and when more will come we will update you.

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