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Woman Finds Plastic’s in Soup Accuses Assault Video Explained


Who Is Amanda Martinez Temple Texas? Woman Finds Plastic’s in Soup Accuses Assault Video Explained: A piece of news is coming into the headlines about an assault in the restaurant. Some videos and pictures have been circulating on social media sites. Since the videos and photos went viral, it become a hot topic of discussion on the Internet. The news is about a customer and the cashier of the restaurant where first they both got into an argument and then the customer threw the soup at the restaurant cashier as she found plastic in it. After getting the news, the netizens are seeking details about the whole matter. So, here we have brought everything related to the matter that you want to know. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Amanda Martinez

Who Is Amanda Martinez Temple Texas?

As per our information, Amanda Martinez who is from Temple Texas threw a soup at the cashier of the restaurant when she saw plastic in the soup. The incident took place on 07 November 2021 at around 01:19 pm when Amanda visit a restaurant where she ordered soup. Later, she created a scene after finding plastic in the soup. She complained to the cashier whose name is Nelly. She offered her refund or a new soup but she doesn’t listen to her and threw the hot soup at her face. As soon as she realized what she did, she eloped from the incident spot.

Amanda Martinez Finds Plastic’s in Soup Accuses Assault Video

However, the restaurant staff and many other customers recorded the video of her and clicked pictures of her car number plate. After some time, some recorded videos and CCTV footage were shared on several social media sites including Reddit and Twitter. Later, the cashier also shared two videos of herself in which she explained the whole incident that happened. She also thanked her staff members and the customers to help her during whatever happened.

Amanda Martinez is a native of Temple, Texas. She is expected to be in her early 30s. She created a huge scene when she found plastic in her soup at the restaurant. She started screaming and threw the soup at the cashier. After the incident, the cashier reported to the police about the incident. Now, Amanda is facing assault charges and her unacceptable behavior with the cashier at the restaurant. The police officers didn’t reveal much about the incident such as Amanda’s arrest and all the charges. Whenever we will get further details about the matter, we’ll let you know immediately for sure. Till then stay tuned with us and get all the latest and exclusive updates.

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