Woodland Hills Robbery: Armed Robbery Suspect Identified

Woodland Hills Robbery: Armed Robbery Suspect Identified: Recently, a video came out on social media that Los Angele police have stopped a vehicle and believes that this vehicle is linked to an armed robbery at about noon in the area of Burbank and Topanga Canyon boulevards were a passenger fled into the surrounding neighborhood. It was believed that armed robbers has gone in the street closures in Woodland Hills Wednesday afternoon. And using the power of the army, they robbed many shops. The intention of doing this was not known. Cops are investigating it for this case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Woodland Hills Robbery

Woodland Hills Robbery

By looking at the street’s situation, authorities closed the streets for some time and they didn’t know for how long it will take to re-open it. They just stated that until the suspect was not found the streets will not be opened yet. Nonetheless, basic amenities like convenient shops and eatables are will be open for some time. If they get, then it’s good but if not, then they have to stand again in the line to purchase the basic amenities.

The suspect’s identity was not known yet. Where he is from and why he did he do this. All are unknown yet. We have only one piece of information and that was he was in a vehicle which is lookalike the armed vehicle. By using this, he robbed many shops and many streets but unfortunately to say this, cops didn’t catch the suspect. Having more than hundreds of cops, thousands of armed soldiers and cops centers didn’t catch the one thief. It was a sad thing for cops. Many arouse the question of a suspect where he is come from, what’s the intention of doing this. All these questions are unknown yet.

On social media, this became a trending topic on the internet. Everyone is talking about this incident of why he has done this. On Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and many other platforms are talking about the same issue but no one has any answer on this topic. Because the investigators have just started the investigation. They don’t have any solid proof, statement, and evidence which they found the identity of the suspect. There are no posters and no face revealed, not even come in the CCTV camera where his identity will be shown. If cops tried from their hand to search every piece of camera wherever is installed then there is a chance to catch the suspect. Otherwise, there is no option to find him.


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