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Wrestling Wrecks Clip Shows Horrifying Arm Injury During AEW Dynamite Match


Once again, the wrestling world is remaining the subject of massive concern for the admirers who do not miss even a single clash among their favourite wrestlers. But something worst is recently reported during the AEW Dynamite Match, which left every one is shocked too as nothing was predicted as the actions have been made by the opposite wrestler of Rey Finex, as Luchasaurus gripped his hand in pain, as his elbow and forearm appeared to the twisted out of position, all those who became the witness of their fight, their immense reaction came out as it seemed inappropriate enough.

Rey Fenix arm injury

As per the reports, as soon as the pain went to such an extent and their fight took the worst face as a wrestler was going through great discomfort, the medical staff made their appearance and brought them to the test centre. So that, they could make him examined and give him appropriate treatment, but still, his die-hard admirers are looking forward to getting more pieces of vital information about his current health condition. Because he is remaining the rest matter of concern among everyone, as he suffered badly with the injury during the fight.

Rey Fenix Injury

It is being reported, that Rey Fenix took the support of Instagram to make his supporters acquainted with his current health condition, as everyone kept on asking him. He mentioned, that ” He would like to thanks everyone for their pray and love because of which, he is getting healed gradually, these good vibes are encouraging him in this hard time, even now he is feeling that his health will not take much time, and soon he will make his appearance in the ring again”. Since he shared the statement, his admirers got sig of relief because finally, they got accurate news of his health.

Almost everyone is sending their wishes to him so that, he could get healed soon therefore, his social media handle has been filled with these deep messages, as everyone is unleashing their feelings to him. Because no one would like to see their favourite one in the extreme pain as now he is going through, even his colleagues and co-wrestlers are sharing the wishes to him as everyone is missing him. So still, he is under the preservation of the medical team, so whenever something will come from them we will make you an update for sure.

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