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Writer Almudena Grandes is dead, one of the figures of Spanish literature


Almudena Grandes is one of the most famous names in Spanish literature, she died of cancer this Saturday at the age of 61. More than a month ago, the writer announced in a column of hers that she had the disease, but that she was ultimately unable to recover. For this reason, Spanish literature says goodbye to one of its most important figures for his ability to connect with readers, his political opinions and his narrative style.

Almudena Grandes’s farewell column: “This is a pleasure. I wish you happiness”
Grandes is famous for her novels, but also for her intellectual and political commitment. As an analyst of our time and modern history, she became famous in 1989 for “Lulu Age”.

“I started writing when I was very young, when I was 9 or 10, so I wrote my first novel in 1988, and it went into the 80’s. But in the early 80’s, in the terrible years, what did I do and I’m leaving ”, referring to the beginning of his literature on Cadena SER.

This novel is a little revolution, for which it won the Tusquets publisher’s Vertical Smile Award, and Bigas Luna adapted it into a movie. The Madrid writer once said that the success of her first novel gave her the life she wanted and that she could never pay off this debt.

Since then, the success and the love of the readers have been accompanied by his novels, such as I’ll call you Friday, Malena is the name of Tango, Human Geography Atlas, Difficult Air, Cardboard Castle, Frozen Heart and Los besos on bread, and lots of “Female Model” and “Way Station” stories.

“I have always said that ‘Malena’ is my most autobiographical novel, because Malena had the feeling as a child that she was not good enough to be a girl, and when she was a boy, she would do better.”

In addition to the aforementioned Las Ages de Lulú, several of his novels have been made into a film and have won the Laura Foundation Award, the Madrid Librero Award and the Sevilla Librero Award, La Palocari awards such as the Odd Award and the Premio Mediterranean. For his adolescent readings, such as those of writers such as Galdós, Defoe and Homer, Grandes always uses the survivor prototype to create characters.

In 2010 he published Inés y la feliz (Madrid Critics Award, Elena Poniatowska Award for Ibero-American Fiction and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award), the first episode of the series Obras “Guerra sin fin”, followed by El reader Julio Verne (2012), Three weddings by Manolita (2014), Patient of doctor García (2017; National Narrative Award) and Mother Frankenstein (2020).

The subtitle is “Pain and death” and it was created by Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira during the heyday of Catholicism in Spain. Refugio de Mujeres de Ciempozuelos, Madrid, 1954-1956 Almudena Grandes’s latest novel revolves around one of the most famous and moving crimes of the Republican era and the subsequent imprisonment of her murderous mother in an asylum for two years. the history of ten years.

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