Written Update On Kundali Bhagya 29th August 2022 Episode: Bani Beats Mahesh

Written Update On Kundali Bhagya 29th August 2022 Episode: Bani Beats Mahesh: In the latest written episode of Kundali Bhagya, Shrishti likes the home’s renovations. She remarks on how nice the house is and expresses gratitude that her room has not changed. She thinks her memories are more recent. When a girl goes to Sasural, Janki claims that she doesn’t forget about her Maayka. A girl never forgets her parents or her family, according to Biji, who respects both families and keeps them connected. Shrishti expresses her desire to hear a song or lullaby from Biji. Janki and Biji refer to her as kiddish.

Kundali Bhagya


Shrishti requests that they prepare laddoos in the same manner as Sarla did. She is asked to assist Janki in the kitchen. Shrishti declines to perform any labor. She presents as unmotivated. Janki invites her to remain and unwind without performing any tasks. Mahesh and Rakhi are still at odds with one another. Rakhi has Kareena’s support. Bani receives the medications from Preeta. She inquires as to Rakhi’s appearance of anger and what Mahesh has done recently.

Rakhi constantly thinks Mahesh is incorrect, he says. When Rishabh gets home, Rakhi requests that they speak. When Rishabh gets home, he explains to Preeta what’s going on and that Kareena urgently called him at home. Rakhi sobs while hugging him. He reassures her. Mahesh is having an affair, Rakhi informs him. Mahesh refers to it as a falsehood. He claims that Rakhi misunderstood him. Mahesh is urged by Rakhi to come clean about his relationship rather than lie in front of the kids.

Mahesh is beaten by Bani for defrauding Rakhi. Rakhi is such a nice, kind, and innocent girl, Kareena asks Mahesh how he could ever cheat her. Mahesh is asked to elaborate by Rishabh. Preeta claims she wasn’t anticipating this from him. Mahesh claims that the woman is his schoolteacher; he respects her and has no other relationships. Rakhi doesn’t think he’s real. She reveals that Mahesh will meet that woman tomorrow after leaving the family gathering.

Mahesh is instructed by Rishabh to stay put and to inform Rakhi that he would be at home. Mahesh promises Bani that he won’t leave Rakhi and that he can show his love for her. Rakhi claims that his love is a lie. If Mahesh loves her, she wants to know what he has done for her. Keep following our site for more written updates on Kundali Bhagya. Stay tuned to this space!

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