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Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) Written Update 17th Dec 2021 Episode: Rudra Meets Preesha?


The latest episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein starts with Rudra singing the title song of the Shiddat movie in his concert. Preesha who has come to watch him perform watches him from a distance. Here, Sachi and Ruhi run from the venue as the guard scolds them. After Rudra performs one song, the audience shouts in joy and asks him to sing another one. Rudra decides to sing the song he had specially made for Preesha. While singing the song he notices Preesha in the crowd. Preesha comes to the realization that she is being caught by Rudra and leaves the place quickly.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

Preesha rushes out of the concert venue and prays that she doesn’t get caught by Rudra. The latter is desperate to see his love and follows him behind. He thinks if she was actually Preesha or was he just hallucinating. However, Rudra’s fans surround him and don’t let him go anywhere. Bunty sees Rudra and tries to help Rudra out in reaching the stage again. Ruhi requests Bunty to help her too on which the guard tells him that Ruhi was sitting on the speaker and was creating a nuisance.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th Dec 2021

Ruhi tells the guard that she was having difficulty seeing Rudra’s concert so she sat there. Bunty allows Ruhi to watch the concert by standing beside the stage. Here, Bunty takes Rudra to the green room and asks what happened. Rudra tells him that he thinks that he saw Preesha among his fans. Rudra asks Bunty to check if she actually lives here. On another side, Sarpanch along with the goons enter the green room and threatens Rudra. They ask him to finish his concert first. He says he will not compromise as he has organized this concert for his son’s birthday.

Bunty asks the village head about Preesha. He denies and asks them to focus on the concert instead. Rudra says that he won’t be able to perform as he is looking for a girl. He also adds that he is ready to pay him four times more. However, the Sarpanch doesn’t agree. Rudra gives in. He steps towards the stage and then pushes the guard to run away. It makes Saachi fall down. Ruhi gets angry and says that she will not forgive Rudra for hurting her friend.

Here, Preesha goes back home and takes a sigh of relief. Sarpanch’s goons beat Rudra. Ruhi sees him and with the help of slingshot and honeybees, she saves Rudra’s life. Rudra tells Ruhi that he is looking for someone. Ruhi takes him to his house’s backyard and shows him a sleeping Preesha. Rudra gets stunned seeing Preesha when she wakes up. He gets emotional seeing her. Get Yeh Hai Chahatein written updates on our site.

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