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Young Boy Dies After Being Attacked By American Bulldog Check Details


A piece of heartbreaking news is coming forward where it is reported that a five-year-old boy has been died after being mauled by a dog. The shocking incident that occurred on Christmas Eve has brought a wave of sorrow to the young boy’s family and friends. Out of everything, the boy’s family had not imagined this to happen. As per reports, the boy was attacked by a dog in the backyard that resulted in his death. The news has been surfacing on the internet and has become the topic of debate. Let’s check the entire matter in detail.

Bulldog Attack: Young Boy Dies After Being Attacked By American Bulldog Check Details

It has been coming forward that the young boy was at home in Varsity Lakes located on the Gold Coast. He was not alone there and was accompanied by his grandmother. While the duo was enjoying their time on the lake, a dog reportedly described as an English bull terrier-American bulldog attacked the boy. The horrific incident took place around 11:45 AM. Taking the boy’s health into consideration, he was immediately taken to the hospital.

Bulldog Attack Kills Young Boy

However, according to the Courier-Mail, the boy died on the operating table only. A spokesperson pf Queensland Ambulance stated that the boy had life-threatening bites on his neck. The spokesperson further said that the young boy suffered life-threatening bites and later went into cardiac arrest. Briefing the incident, the late boy whose identity has not been identified yet was reportedly playing with the dog in the backyard of a residence. His family were also sitting when the deadly attack happened.

Apart from the boy getting severe injuries after the dog attack, his grandmother also got slightly injured as she was trying her best to save the boy from the dog. She was also taken to the hospital and was treated by paramedics. Talking about the incident, a spokesman said that the boy was given the best treatment by Queensland’s best paramedics from the High Acuity team. The team reportedly uses therapies and techniques that they have successfully tested on war battlefields.

It is no doubt that the paramedics tried to provide the boy emergency blood transfusion while the lady was also treated for her minor injuries and the shock she had gotten. Despite medical staff trying their best to save the 5-year-old boy’s life, he couldn’t survive and breathed his last on the operating table. His family is in deep shock and mourning their precious little one’s demise.

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