YouTuber Apetor Aka Tor Eckhoff Died After Falling in An Icy Lake

A piece of news has been creating a buzz over social media where a famous youtube from Norwegian died after 5 days of posting a video on his birthday where he wrote ‘I Am Not Dead, I Am 57 Today‘. We are talking about the very famous Youtuber named Apetor whose real name is Tor Eckhoff. However, he titled the video in just a kidding way and at that time his fans got shocked but when he appeared on the screen they all became happy. Undoubtedly the news is very heart-wrenching and here are the complete details of his death.

Tor Eckhoff

His untimely death has brought a wave of mourning on social media and fans across the globe are delivering tributes. The creator had a huge fan base as he had more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube and all the fans have created havoc on the internet. Talking about his death cause so the YouTuber reportedly fell through the ice at Jakobs Dam outside Kongsberg, with a witness calling for emergency services. On Youtube, he used to document his travel life and people love to watch the same thing. In his last video, you will watch him walking around the wilderness, kissing a tree, and drinking alcohol. The video got massive love from the audience.

Well, despite having immense popularity along with 1.2+ followers, his channel is having more than 389 Million views and the view counts are rising because everyone is keen to watch his last video, where he was seen enjoying his life and his fans are so sad and they are watching the smile of their favorite Youtuber and that too for the last time. As per the reports the content creator fell into the water at Jakobs Dam near the town of Kongsberg on Friday while walking over the ice, post which he was rushed to the hospital, and after a day on Saturday, the doctors pronounced his death.

On social media, it seems like a flood of mourning tweets which is just expected because fans are devasted after hearing the news of his sudden demise. Our deepest condolences are with his fan fam and may his soul rest in peace… stay tuned to get more updates.

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