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YouTuber Old Racist Tweets Viral Online Sparks Backlash


One of the famous but controversial Social Media personalities and Influencer Elle Darby has again become the talk of the town with her latest she posted on her YouTube channel and official Instagram. The YouTuber amassed immense hatred because of the filthy racial comments she made in 2011. Some of her statements filled with massive hatred re-circulate on the Internet again the Netizen again started criticizing the YouTuber, but now, Elle Darby has posted an apology video on her channel and shared about the guilt and she is ashamed for what all she did in her past. Get more information on Elle Darby apology video.

Elle Darby Apology Video: YouTuber Old Racist Tweets Viral Online Sparks Backlash

The 26 years old lately uploaded an apology video for her misdeed that took place 11 years ago back in 2011. For all the unversed who haven’t watched the video so far, you can accumulate possible details of the video from here. She said I am sorry to all of the people she hurt. Ahead she said that she had tried numerous times to make such video but always in vain. The reason behind this she mentioned that she hadn’t appropriate words to explain for her previous tweets.

Elle Darby Apology Video Hits Internet

She accepted that all of her tweets was disgusting she made in 2011, she said that person was way too varied from the person she is right now. She added that the person was racist, fatphobic, homophobic. “I am ashamed and disgusted in myself”. She said that she hates herself more than anyone does on this planet. Abby says that many of you are extremely disappointed with me. She said that her followers considered her as a great friend, “this image of me is now tainted by someone who I don’t even recognise myself to have ever been,” Derby added.

Elle Darby Apology Video: YouTuber Old Racist Tweets Viral Online Sparks Backlash

Elle Darby briefly and calmly explains everything and apologise to all of her fans and all the people she hurt. She explains that she is not the same person she used to be at the time. She said that it is the cruellest thing she did with many people. She says ahead that she is aware those disgusting tweets won’t separate from my name ever, but she is apologising to all the people she hurt.

After this, she continued that she wished she can take it back change the things but all she can do is continue to better herself. Anyone interested who is keen to watch the video on the official page of Elle Darby. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more information.

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