Yuvraj Finds Out About Rudra

Today’s episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein starts with Rudra going to Saachi’s house. He calls Saachi and asks her to come out. Saachi asks him what happened to which he asks her if she saw Roohi as the latter has not reached home yet. Here, Yuvraj thinks that both mother and daughter (Preesha and Roohi) fooled him while he is the one who dumps people. He reaches Pressha’s home and thinks looking at the expensive doll he bought for Roohi that he will make them exit his life after taking money.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th jan

Here, Roohi returns home and sees Rudra there. Rudra asks her where was she to which Roohi replies that she was helping a boy out while coming here. Yuvraj gets surprised seeing Roohi’s secret friend and thinks that who is he. Later, Roohi takes Rudra to the storeroom while Yuvraj watches them. Rudra asks Roohi about the camera. She gives it to him. Meanwhile, Rudra sees Bunty in the storeroom and gets shocked. Bunty says that Roohi told him about his location so he came here.

Rudra further asks Bunty if Mukhiya’s goons tortured him a lot. In the next scene, Preesha comes back home. She sees a sorry card in Roohi’s room and recalls how Rudra gave her one too. She gets teary-eyed thinking about Rudra and thinks that she could not even know that Rudra was around her and that she badly wants to touch and hug him and confess her love to him. Here, Rudra questions Bunty if he found Preesha.

Bunty asks Rudra if he has forgotten how Preesha had begged him not to disclose her whereabouts to Rudra as she still happens to be a criminal and can not ruin Rudra’s life. Rudra says that he can not believe that Preeta did not attend the concert. Bunty gets angry and asks Rudra to stop his madness. He asks him to accept the fact that Preesha has died but the latter continues to be adamant.

Bunty asks if he wants to make Roohi and her mother suffer too by staying in their place as Mukhiya’s goons are after his life. Yuvraj sees Rudra and thinks that he doesn’t know that he is Roohi’s father and that Preesha is living here as Priya. Bunty tells Rudra that Roohi would be able to live a peaceful life if he exits the village. Here, Preesha also thinks that Roohi is hiding something from her. Watch Yeh Hai Chahatein and get find the further story.

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