Yvan Colonna Attack Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and, YouTube

WATCH: Yvan Colonna Attack Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and, YouTube: Recently, a video went viral on the internet that Yvan Colonna has attempted to murder someone. His video and images have been captured. And police are founding him. There are ten images extracted from the video of the assassination attempt which was captured in the CCTV footage last night. In this article, we gonna provide you with some information regarding his murder case. If we want to know that information, keep reading this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Yvan Colonna Attack Video

Yvan Colonna Attack Video

Many found out that Yvan Colonna has trying to murder someone. But it was not known what’s the reason behind it to kill someone without any reason. It was not known yet. Some say he was mad, while some say he has a problem with his mental state. Cops are founding him and we can’t say he was fully mad until we take some test of him.

Surveillance cameras and the footage are proof of it why he has done it. When this news came out on social media, many were sharing this news to everyone to catch him as soon as possible. But seems like this thing will not work anymore to catch him. The images and the videos which were uploaded on the internet will sooner be deleted. People found it strange and this thing has been disturbed many people.

Yvan Colonna Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit

Yvan was a typical type of person who doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong. If he did something useful in his life then he was between us, talking with us and he will live according to his own terms. But he didn’t have the patience in his life and lost his life. If he did something great with his life, do some good shit then he doesn’t have to face this situation.

For committing this crime, Yvan Colonna has been sentenced to life imprisonment in jail. And he is waiting for the moment when he will release from jail. His family was shocked when they heard the news of him. We can’t fetch any details related to his family but our sources are trying to get more and more information so if you appreciate your efforts then you can follow this site. In past, he commits many crimes which are very shameful and can’t describe in words. If any update comes to his case, then we will inform you.


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