Zendaya and Tom’s Wooden Planks Video Reveals Their Dating Life

Zendaya and Tom wooden planks video

Considering how often they’ve been spotted together and how often they’ve made appearances on red carpets, it’s no wonder fans have been curious about the couple’s dating life. They’ve been rumored to be dating for years, but it’s still a surprise that they’ve finally made the big reveal.

Tom and Zendaya have been dating for over a year, and they’ve gotten plenty of attention for their onscreen romance.

They’ve been seen kissing and holding hands, and they’ve made red carpet appearances a number of times. While they haven’t talked about their relationship, a source close to the couple says they’re still very much in it. They’re currently working on Spider-Man 4, which will put the pair back behind the camera. They’ve also spent a good deal of time together in New York City. They even posed for a photo together for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

They’ve even made a few fun viral videos of themselves – including one that shows them doing the wooden planks trick. This is obviously a nod to the fact that Tom and Zendaya have been dating for a while. They’ve been seen kissing and hugging, and they’ve also been seen laughing and having a good time together. They’ve even gotten in a few PDAs.

The Spider-Man movies have been a major draw, and the actors have been spotted on the red carpet multiple times. They’ve also been spotted wearing coordinating outfits, and they’ve even been seen holding hands.

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