Zoe Sozo Miss Alabama 2021 Bethel Car Accident Video Images What Happened To Her?

It is coming forward that Miss Alabama 2021 Zoe Sozo met with a tragic accident. The shocking news was shared by her family members via social media. It was stated that Zoe got severely injured in the crash and is now fighting for her life. Ever since the news came to the light, netizens are wishing her a speedy recovery and are expressing their concerns to her as well. Zoe Sozo is trending on the internet since then and has become the subject of interest among many. Several people want to know what happened to her.

Zoe Sozo

As per reports, the horrific accident happened on February 10, 2022. Even though it is old news, Zoe Sozo is getting a lot of attention now as everyone is curious to know how is she doing. The family took to Zoe’s Instagram and shared a picture of the woman along with a lengthy caption. They wrote that Zoe had an accident on Thursday night, Feb 10 this year. It was added that she sustained severe damage to her brain or brainstem and has gone into a coma.

Who Is Zoe Sozo?

The family wrote that the doctors are saying that the damage can not be repaired and that she might not have much time left. It was further written that the family is praying for God’s will to be done. They added that it has been a traumatizing situation for them and that they know that it would be shocking for all the people who knew her or cared for her. The family asked the general public to support them in this hard time.

Fans have flooded the comment section of the post and have been expressing their sadness on the incident. Netizens are praying for Sozo’s speedy recovery on social media. Talking about who is Zoe Bethel, she is a model ambassador of Liberty University’s Falkirk Centre. In the Right Side Broadcasting Network, Zoe also played the role of reporter for a long time. Besides, she is popularly known as Miss Alabama for American 2021.

Zoe is a motivated and passionate woman having a never-giving-up attitude in her life. Even though she is quite popular, Zoe does not have any Wikipedia page dedicated to her. She remains quite active on social media and regularly posts from her personal life there. At this moment, not much is known about Miss Alabama health condition except for she is in a coma. Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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