Zul Ariffin Leaked Video Viral On Twitter Reddit Who Is He?

Actor Zul Ariffin has been sweeping the attention of the netizens. Reportedly, the actor has shared a clip of his forthcoming drama. It seems to be creating controversy on social media. Well, it is said that the video features some inappropriate content that has taken the internet by storm. Ever since the video went viral online, the actor has come to the headlines. Be it his fans, his loved ones, or even his haters, Zul Ariffin has become a hot topic. Check out why the actor is trending and what is inside the video in this article.

Zul Ariffin Leaked Video

The teaser features the 40-year-old actor looking seductively at an actress as he takes off his clothes. The actress is identified as Siti Hariesa. The actor shared the clip of the steamy scene on his Instagram where is seen with the said actress. As mentioned, it starts with the lead actor taking off his shirt while looking at the actress. Later, the actress seemed to lick something which results in Zul picking her up.

It is also reported that the scene was leaked from his upcoming Malay drama Perempuan Itu which was not meant to get aired on television. As the controversy caught fire, Ani Sharif, the director of the drama, said that the leaked scene was part of the second recording which might not be shown on television. She further said that what netizens viewed is a second version recording if found to be suitable and that it was meant for publicity purposes.

Ani added that she had no idea that Zul would share the scene on Instagram and said that she was shocked to find out it spread like a wildfire on the internet and got the netizens talking about it already before she could know. The director stated that she takes responsibility for the matter. Ani Sharif further said that there are less than 10% intimate scenes in this drama. However, the video that had gone viral had been deleted from social media and is no longer available to watch.

Despite the fact that it is being removed, the netizens are still talking about it. Fans are slamming the makers and the actors for doing such things in Ramadan. But as the director said, it was meant for publicity purposes, and seems like Perempuan Itu has been successful in getting that. The scene was produced to portray Sera’s character as the second wife of Emir. While Sera’s character is played by Siti Hariesa, Zul Ariffin played the character of Emir.

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