Zul Ariffin Video Goes Viral On Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and, Reddit

WATCH: Zul Ariffin Video Goes Viral On Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and, Reddit: The controversy of a Malaysian actor is not taking the name to get stopped. Yes, you are guessing right we are talking about actor Zul Arifin who posted the teaser of his upcoming film which creates controversy. The hot episode uploaded by actor Zul Arifin on social pages on Friday night received criticism from cybercitizens. The video which is creating the sensation of viewing the 35-year-old actor supporting the new actor Siti Hariesa from the front is considered furious and inappropriate for public telecasts in this country. In further addition to this, the exciting scene views the female actor feeding the “whipped cream” into the mouth of Zul prior to finishing it as if it were a funny film. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Zul Ariffin Video

Zul Ariffin Video

The average onlookers and cybercitizens express fury and disappointment with the action that is believed to be his new drama titled “That Woman”. It would be more absurd if the drama directed by Erma Fatima was understood to be telecast this Ramadan. “We are busy preparing for Ramadan and you are promoting drama like that? They are attempting to bring 50 Shades of Gray into the Malaysian entertainment industry. This thing is too much disgusting to watch.

Zul Ariffin Video Explained

“Zul Ariffin, I recall that you have emigrated? ErmaFatima you ruined the month of Ramadan!” stated some onlookers. The video, which was shared at around 09:00 PM last night, has now racked up 800,000 views and over 12,000 comments on Instagram. In fact, the name Zul Ariffin is now trending on Twitter because of this action. The viral video of Zul Ariffin is now becoming a keyword that is broadly used in the google search engine.

Zul Ariffin Video Viral on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter

Many news outlets that reached out to get an explanation from the side of Zul regarding this matter have not been successful. Though after watching the backlash and criticisms from the side of cyber citizens, Zul had deleted the video on Saturday morning (19th March 2022) after being heavily criticized by onlookers and social media users some users are still looking to watch it and some are asking the actor to share his views on the latest controversy. Now it is interesting to watch the views of the actor and actress on this. Till then stay tuned with us and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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